E-Commerce Global Trade Professional & Dropshipment Expert

E-Commerce Global Trade Professional & Dropshipment Expert

This course offers a Professional Certification in “E-Commerce & Global Trade”

What Will I Learn?
  • Clearly identify and differentiate the existing world-wide rules for international negotiation.
  • Assess and avoid risks by negotiating and assuring the risky dimensions of their international trade.
  • Select the most convenient negotiation profile to benefit in your own international operations.
  • Be prepared for international negotiations with customers or suppliers, to dominate the negotiation process and obtain the best outcome of it.
  • Be aware of the different dimensions of international trade endeavours, the mechanisms and organizations underneath them, and the actions to be taken to streamline smooth and reliable operations.

Course Curriculum – Global Trade Professional

Chapter 1 : Introduction to International trade & E-Commerce

Start Unit 1 : What is International Trade? What is Export? What is Import?
Start Unit 2 : What is E-commerce? (India past, present and future)
Start Unit 3 : What is Cross-Border E commerce? And Why?
Start Unit 4 : Concept of Eco-System of E-Commerce
Start Unit 5: Difference between C2C, B2C and B2B

Chapter 2 : What is International Trade (B2B)

Start Unit 2 – Difference Between Cross border, Traditional Cross border And Domestic Trade
Start Unit 3 – Basic Requirements & Registration For Business
Start Unit 4 – Bank Account
Start Unit 5 – Pan
Start Unit 6 – Msme
Start Unit 7 – IEC

Chapter 3 : International Trade Process – Start Unit 1 – How To Import

Chapter 4 : Documents For B2B Business

Start Unit 1 : Invoice (Proforma, Commercial & Consular Invoice).
Start Unit 2 : Bill of Lading / Airway Bill / Multi-modal Transport Documents
Start Unit 3 : Certificate of Origin (Preferential and Non-Preferential).
Start Unit 4 : Shipping Bill
Start Unit 5 : Bill of Entry

Chapter 5 : Custom Clearance Procedures

Start Unit 1 – Custom Clearance Procedures for Exports
Start Unit 2 – Custom Clearance for Imports
Start Unit 3 : Classification of Import Codes(HS Codes)

Chapter 6 : Banking And Payment Mechanism

Start Unit 1 : Regulations for Imports & Exports (RBI and Bank)
Start Unit 2 : Methods of Payments.
Start Unit 3 – Banking Related to E-Commerce

Chapter 7 : Shipping And Logistics

Start Unit 2 – Inco Terms
Start Unit 3 – Sea Freight
Start Unit 4 – Containerization

Chapter 8 : International Market Analysis

Start Unit 1 – International Market Analysis
Start Unit 2 – Blue Ocean Strategy
Start Unit 3 – Business With Arabs
Start Unit 4 – Risk Assessment of Cross-border Trade
Start Unit 5 – IPR_IP and Restricted_prohibited products

Chapter 9 : General Skills

Start Unit 1 – PR Skills
Start Unit 2 – Marketing and Basic Sales Skills
Start Unit 3 – Good Communication Skills
Start Unit 4 – Business Analysis
Start Unit 5 – User Empathy Skills
Start Unit 6 – Customer Profiling Skill
Start Unit 7 – Customer Service Skills
Start Unit 8 – Adaptability Skills
Start Unit 9 – Problem Solving Skills

Certified Drop shipping Expert

What’s the focus of this course?

Are you Looking to build a successful online business? This Certified Dropshipping Expert course covers everything you need to know about running a dropshipping business.Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. Go through the course and understand the in’s and out’s of supply chain and fulfillment in the drop shipping industry.Learn how to choose the perfect drop shipping products. Learn to drop ship products easily!

What are the course objectives?

1. Understanding Dropshipping
2. The Supply Chain and Fulfillment Process
3. Finding and Working With Suppliers
4. Picking Products to Dropship
5. Starting Your Business
6. Evaluating Sales Channels
7. Running a Dropshipping Company
8. The Key Elements of Success



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